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Everything is Energy

We are All Infinite Beings of Conscious Energy. As sovereign beings we often forget our true power and superhuman potential. Our electromagnetic frequency is bombarded daily with harmful, negative frequencies, wi-fi, radiation from electricity, computer screens, tv screens and geoengineering operations in our skies. We do not consent to this interference in our frequency. As […]

Star Trek Future

If you want a positive timeline and a Star Trek future we are going to have to think in that direction. Out of any box, and boldly go where no one has gone before.  The founders of the Nova Gaia Foundation are doing just that. The Nova Gaia Foundation is actively developing a real world, multi-user, mobile […]

Our Flat Earth

Prepare for your Paradigm to Shift when you discover the true nature of the reality drilled into you by education, science and dogmas. It’s a very powerful form of mass mind control to force you to believe their history, a false narrative and support their system by handing over your time, energy and money.  They […]