The NOVA GAIA FOUNDATION has been launched to attract, nurture and promote the resource sharing economy. Welcome to the Life Economy and our Positive Timeline of Peace and Universal Prosperity for all Living Systems.

We are promoting a gifting society model. The more you give the better life gets.


We propose the repurposing of the good things we already have in our current system.

Enhancing our collective future through Open Source and decentralised Peer-to-Peer (P2P) networks, knowledge sharing and mentoring. Systems that nurture holistic benefits for humanity, either by the sharing of knowledge, initiating peaceful, yet (r)evolutionary initiatives and by promoting the responsible advancement of emerging cultural trends, technologies and smart ideas.


Selfless Service to Others

We are after all, like minded beings, connecting at this time to share a human experience on our positive timeline. So by nurturing talent and creating opportunity for visionaries and forward thinking pioneers, together we can develop holistic solutions and applications that serve us all.

We are on a mission, to unite Sovereign Beings for the Betterment of Humanity. Take a minute to step back and think about the big picture with us. There are so many positive, solution based concepts and ideas in action all over the planet. As humanity let us ask, where are we heading and what unites us all?  As we face a confronting set of challenges, it is how we solve them that will define our collective experience.  We are creating holistic eco-systems, P2P monetary system(s) of exchange and repurposing our communities. A co-created new earth reality is being formed.

Unlimited potential, personal growth with infinite possibilities.


As we engage every human being on the planet and guide them to access their own Sovereign value. Imagine the positive impact this will have on the planet. Poverty would end and abundance will sweep the planet. Access to our true inherent value. Imagine what this will bring to our human experience and collective evolution, development and infrastructure.


Our aim is to inspire individuals to participate in peer-to-peer community solutions and re-purpose the system to benefit all living systems. We can explore the multi-verse together, in responsibility, accountability and as our true higher dimensional selves.

Help people advance and communities thrive through micro-investment, with time banking / skills or knowledge based learning. To connect international communities, P2P projects and the sharing of resources with a low carbon footprint. We are on a mission, to unite our Sovereign Beings for the Betterment of Humanity.

Why we are doing this?

As custodians, social entrepreneurs and humanitarians our focus is on creating harmony and abundance for all. Nurturing ideas, creating opportunity for everyone based upon the ancient yogic philosophy of Selfless Service of Others.

Our aim is to empower individuals for the greater good, to inspire them to participate in open source, peer-to-peer solution based projects.


Gifting with Bitcoin

If you like what we are doing but prefer remain anonymous and gift, please send your donation to Bitcoin to us at the following BTC address.



Thank you

We are taking r(e)volutionary steps to unite everyone on the planet. We have been developing NOVA GAIA for a long time, promoting new ideas, now is the time to assist us and take it forward on a planetary scale.


For the Betterment of Humanity