Right know we are realising that if we share our thoughts and expect nothing in return (non-attachment), amazing energy is shared and we can all inspire each other to be and do.  Especially if these thoughts resonate from the heart and you can amplify that energy around the universal plane and participate in the shift.

Apart from being aware of the old PTW and the odd energy vampire out there, what is happening now just feels right on so many levels and is a part of our natural human condition and evolutionary process. This knowing has always been there, we just forgot most of our built in powers and knowledge. We were distracted and taught to look externally for the answers to life and contentment. We were told a lie, an illusion of reality, constantly pumped through TV, smart phones, tablets and entertainment channels. All distractions to take us away from who we really are and what our true purpose is.

The struggle we have been facing of late is that of male ego vs. female ego, an issue of true balance and a struggle for dominance. We have seen so much wasted energy which has accelerated our own awakening. The discovery of secretive groups (in both male and female forms) and so called ‘brotherhood’ secret societies and cabals controlling commerce, finance and growth for there own gain was a real eye opener.

Their logic and greed has really put us on disastrous course (a man-made disharmony) a pre-planned tailspin of planetary discord and destruction. For now, we should let the divine feminine celestial mechanics take their course, restoring balance, respect those who are not yet awake and offer guidance when they do awaken. My wife and I began our awakening together, which helped us hold that balance. We then spent a few years trying to wake the people up around us, who weren’t ready and quickly learned that it was a pure waste of energy. When people are not ready, they switch off and through misconception, paint you as being the ‘odd couple who live up there on the hill”.

Only then to realise, a short while later when they see your information was indeed rational, sane and correct, they praise you and want to know more. It has made us really aware of who to help and who to leave, to just BE.  As a matter of contrast, it always seems like a good idea to help everyone around us but now, and based on experience, we only really help people who we see are struggling and look like they could benefit from assistance. The one’s who don’t ask for help.  This journey has shaped our world view and it is how we interact with people.

You realise that, it’s more about going within yourself, working on yourself, clearing out the baggage and reactivation of your heart space. This is how we can inspire others around us.  We put our health first, changed our diet to a more holistic balance of non dairy and natural foods and focused on relearning about how the mind works. It took several months of detoxing the body, sticking to the new eating habits and many sessions of Hatha Yoga and studying Raja Yoga to finally feel great on every level.  It’s not something you can just buy off the shelf, you have to take pride in yourself and work hard to achieve your goals.


As for the future, we can visualise that as long as we focus on universal peace, harmony, freedom, abundance, sharing of knowledge and end to poverty, an end of all wars, sharing kindness, having empathy for others, respect and balance for our natural surroundings and ourselves, love for all things and an understanding of our connection in the universe it would be a good start.  Truth is ONE, paths are many. Not too much to ask then. We are in the NOW like so many and see the potential of what we can achieve by coming together. For us, ONE thought co-created and shared by many was the key. When we co-created the NOVA GAIA, this is the Universal Law of ONE in action. It’s peaceful, rational, balanced and it’s love based.  Truth in the absolute. It just resonates in the hearts of many.

All that we are is ONE – Infinite ONENESS, co-created from the resonance of our heart. What a great time to be alive, to experience such a Universal shift. Truth in the Absolute in All that we are creating for everyone to enjoy and our thoughts shared for the common good of all.

“Thoughts. That’s all there’s ever been”. – GallianoThe Joyful Noise Unto The Creator.

Written / Co-created by Rob Crabtree and Gisèle André

Dedicated in Gratitude to ALL with much love

Creative Commons. © nova-gaia.com