NXT Studios have launched the SHOWCASE MUSIC Channel. Supporting artists and independent musicians is what it’s all about for us. As founders of NXT Studios, we have been quite lucky in our own careers, to have worked at the top of the music and film industries in Los Angeles with some famous artists and celebrities.

After relocating to Andalucia in Spain, our focus was on our own independent creativity and passion.  As creatives and artists we understand how difficult it can be to breakthrough as an independent. Especially with so much social media, videos, blogs and news feeds to compete with. This is why we created the SHOWCASE.  To SHOWCASE artists who want to be independent and promote there natural talent, to be seen and heard.

Featured Artists

NXT Studios has launched SHOWCASE / MUSIC with releases from Jasmine Clarke, Cat Jahnke, Kayla Yvonne, Tycho, Odesza, Brian T Collins, Stellar, Hang Massive and more.


NXT Studios – a blockchain venture

We started NXT Studios to promote the independent creative community and to showcasecreative people and their content.

Showcase is all about connecting creative people and promoting the latest releases from independent artists, designers, film makers, writers, musicians, product designers, photographers, technologists, start-ups, crypto-currencies and emerging cultural trends.

What’s NXT

It’s not everyday a studio is built on a new blockchain ecosystem. With NXT (pronounced NEXT), the developers of the NXT blockchain created a completely new ecosystem built as a decentralised peer-to-peer network for payments, voting, community building and more. No banks, no waiting, no huge fees. Get a free wallet, buy some NXT and try it out.  http://nxt.org

Thank you to everyone for your continued support. We are quite active on Tsu and social media.  We are always looking for talent to SHOWCASE, so if you see us, introduce yourselves and connect.



Rob Crabtree  @RobCrabtreee

NXT Studios was founded by Creative director Rob Crabtree. An award winning creative, with 15+ years of high level experience in international design, film making, visual media creation and media production. He is the founder of Europafilms, a visual media agency.


Gisele André  –  @giselecrabtree

Co-founder of NXT Studios and Producer for Europafilms, Gisèle André has worked with major fashion brands, a variety of music artists and in TV commercial production for international clients. Gisele is also a qualified Raja Yoga teacher and offers knowledge sharing, wisdom teachings, trends and music over at Nova Gaia.

As a husband and wife team we specialise in conceptual development and complete brand identity. We offer a holistic style of design, motion graphics, film and photography for international clients, artists and entrepreneurs.


Discover more of our premium articles and latest releases from independent visual artistsdesigners, film makers, musiciansphotographerstechnologistsvisionary speakers and our favourite cultural trends on our NXT Studios website.



NXT Studios in partnership with Europafilms offers design, identity and branding, photography, movie trailers, videos, posters and social media campaigns for your next release. Contact us for more information.

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