Prepare for your Paradigm to Shift when you discover the true nature of the reality drilled into you by education, science and dogmas. It’s a very powerful form of mass mind control to force you to believe their history, a false narrative and support their system by handing over your time, energy and money.  They have spent billions convincing everyone that we live on a ball, with gravity keeping the water glued to the surface as we travel at thousands of mph, while circling the sun. There is another theory,   – the information makes sense and it’s easy to comprehend the nature of our true reality when you have both sides of the story in front of you. The choice is yours, but become informed and share the knowledge you know to be the most truthful.


Great work by alternative researchers  Eric Dubay – and

Matt Boylan, former NASA Computer Graphics Artists

(Matte Painter of the Ball Earth) (2:37 min)



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MiB confirms it


Are you trying to tell us there’s nothing going on at the Neumayer Station in Antarctica?