The Law of Living Systems

Why are our current systems and the laws breaking down? The current laws have been deformed over time and have attempted to protect only a select few and have forced un-natural measures on the majority of life on the planet. This is having a profound affect on everyone else and has created the ‘awakening’.

We as a people are rejecting the fundamental principles of the existing laws because they are un-natural to us. They have become outdated, just like the recent attempt to revamp the Magna Carta (an 800 year old document, written by people who are no longer alive).

Basic Origins and Laws

The laws set forth at the Bar (Temple Bar and the Vatican alliance), are based upon agreements between State and Religious institutions handed down by either priests or human beings who claim royal status using occult (hidden) technology, teachings and scriptures. In basic terms, Admiralty Law from the British monarchy and Roman Cannon Law from the Vatican Jesuit order. It has become a catch all that has deformed the origins and intentions of rights for all living systems.

Both these laws do not uphold or protect the rights of human beings for the good of the people, the land or the wealth contained within the earth as a living system. What they do is align with corporate interests and disregard living systems as the top of our world structure. As their priority, it is clear that they are attempting to place corporations above living systems and the human species.

This is why these prefabricated man-made laws are being rejected.
Queen Elisabeth, of England upon her coronation ritual, swore an oath to protect the people in God’s name. Both the Queen and the Vatican agreements have sadly neglected this basic duty in favour of personal gain and for the advancement of the company stores, with usury, slavery systems and human trafficking and rights violations as their instruments of commerce.

God’s Law is Natural Law

God’s law or (what many are referring to as Natural Law) is universal. The weather, the tides, air pressure, solar cycles, and its many affects is natural law. In contrast, both Admiralty Law and Roman Canon Law are man-made laws and yet take into measure the word of God, without actually upholding the basic principles of love, dignity and respect for living systems as their primary focus. Therefore they contradict there integrity and validity and have no true jurisdiction over any living systems on earth or the universe. Even the Holy See attempted to copyright everything in the known universe. Everything the Vatican could ‘See’. No man, woman or child can ever be placed above god or his living systems.

International Common Law is based upon the law given to the people by God, to protect the common people, the common lands and the common wealth that belongs to the living systems of the world.

Living Systems are fully protected

Bolivia have ratified a law protecting mother earth and giving ALL Living Systems the ultimate protection in alignment with God’s law.

Law of the Rights of Mother Earth – Bolivian law (Law 071 of the Plurinational State).…/Law_of_the_Rights_of_Mother_Earth

“The law defines Mother Earth as “…the dynamic living system formed by the indivisible community of all life systems and living beings whom are interrelated, interdependent, and complementary, which share a common destiny; adding that “Mother Earth is considered sacred in the worldview of Indigenous peoples and nations.”

Universal Common Law

Universal Common Law is also built on the same foundational principles. Every living system in the universe have ultimate protection following universal common law rights in accordance with God’s law (the natural laws of the universe).

Simplified Common Law principles: 1. Do No Harm, 2. Cause No Loss, 3. Non-inteference, 4. Honour your Agreements

Back to Basics – Universal Common Law Principles

The founding principles within which we conduct ourselves are the Back to Basic principles. Our daily interaction with others is important. There are basic tools which are available to help us, guide us and form the basics of interaction. This can be found in the back to Basics principles.

Truth – Justice – Forgiveness

All Living Systems are ‘alive’, connected on all levels from our beating heart and in universal alignment with the divine plan, to the creator, source, energy, or whatever your name it is for God. All that is and all that lives in the universe for all eternity in all dimensions is love.

Paths are many but there is only truth, then justice must be given and ultimately forgiveness granted in order to create transparency and harmony.

For the Betterment of Humanity