Truth is Light. Light is Truth. It’s a simple concept to grasp which is part of the foundation or building blocks of life. Everything that is built to last has a solid foundation, including your own personality or character.

Foundationism  is a simple metaphor to describe the basic tenants of how to become a pure soul being and enjoy the positive benefits of life. it’s the building blocks that can be used for everything.


These back to basics core principles can be adopted and applied by anyone on all levels. When applied they form the foundation of personal, corporate, trade, legal and governance for all.

The Core Principles of Foundationism.


A duty or task that you are required or expected to do and be accountable for. Something that you should do because it is morally right, or you are legally required to do so.


The conduct of containing or expressing the truth.


An obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one’s actions.


A way of appearing or behaving that suggests seriousness and self-control. The quality of being worthy of honour or respect.


The skill in dealing with others by maintaining good relations in a calm, respectful and professional manner.


A feeling of admiring someone or something that is pure, by offering support or admiration in an appropriate manner.


High moral standards of behavor. The quality of knowing and doing what is morally right.


A feeling of wanting to help or guide someone who is sick, hungry, in trouble, in pain, in poverty or in need of help.


Being free of desires of greed or hoarding. To do things with honesty and respectability by sharing.


Being free of desires or actions to steal or take something that doesn’t belong to you without asking permission.


To refrain from putting anyone in danger or in harms way.

Selfless service to others

To help or assist others without expectation or personal reward in return. Showing great concern for the welfare of others.